Housing Rehab Program


The primary purpose of the Housing Rehabilitation Program is to rectify safety and public health code violations in residential properties of Windham homeowners. The program prioritizes issues that pose health and safety risks. In addition to addressing code violations, the program can be used for a range of repair projects. Common examples of eligible repair projects include septic system repairs, roofing, siding, addressing structural deficiencies, replacing windows, plumbing, electrical work, and heating system repairs. These repairs are not limited to these categories but provide a general idea of the scope.


The Program is targeted at individuals or households with low to moderate income levels. Both homeowners and landlords with low-income tenants can apply for assistance. To be eligible for the Program applicants must income qualify, not exceed 100% loan to value ratio, and be current on town taxes and water/sewer fees. Projects must also be able to address all serious housing deficiencies while staying within the spending cap.

Funding Source

The program is funded through a Community Development Block Grant from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is administered by the State of Connecticut Department of Housing.