Natchaug-Willimantic Neighborhood Revitalization Zone - NRZ

Natchaug-Willimantic Neighborhood Revitalization Zone MapThe Natchaug-Willimantic NRZ (Neighborhood Revitalization Zone) is an entity created through legislation to empower the citizens who live, work, volunteer and otherwise have a stake in the health of the community encompassed within the borders of the "zone." Everyone who lives and works within the boundaries of the NRZ is a "stakeholder." The NRZ includes a large number of self-owned businesses, a university, a hospital, a regional theater, a radio station, several churches, an elementary school, and redeveloped mill buildings along a beautiful river. The NRZ invites suggestions for community projects that comply with our state-approved Strategic Plan and lie within the NRZ boundaries. All meetings are open to the public. A list of Steering Committee members is available from the Town Clerk's office. Agendas and minutes are posted on the Town website.