Revenue Office

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Our mission is to annually collect the highest percentage of taxes contributing to the lowest possible mill rate and financial stability of the town through application of state statutes, policies and enforcement tools and assisting the public to better understand taxation, while providing courteous and professional customer service.

You may view or pay your tax bill, parking fees, Landlord rental fees and water/sewer bills by clicking on the appropriate link:

Please note there is a service fee to pay your tax bills online. Online fees are $3.95 flat fee for debit card, 2.5% for credit cards (minimum of $2) and electronic check for $1.00.  Water/Sewer fees are 2.5%.  The fees for all online payments are paid directly to the Credit Card Merchant Vendor.  The Town does not make a profit from these fees.

You are allowed to make partial payments online, after the terms and conditions are accepted.  Online payments are not an automatic interface to the Town’s Tax System.  You will see your payment reflected online 24 hours after the next business day.

Please note, for your security, we do NOT accept payments over the phone in our office.  If you must pay by phone, then please our automated system by calling the numbers below.  You will need your account number(s).

  • Windham Taxes (833) 216 - 0954
  • Chaplin Taxes (833) 223 - 9838
  • Scotland Taxes (833) 228 - 5061
  • Hampton Taxes (833) 733 - 6291

Having trouble online? Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the online system.

Windham's mailing address changed for Tax and Water payments as of November 15, 2023.  Your payments are now going directly to the Town's bank account in efforts to increase efficiency and maximize potential investment revenue.  Please remit Tax Payments to:

Town of Windham – Taxes

DEPT # 000304

PO Box 2020

Hartford, CT 06144-2020

Please remit Water Payments to:

FIS Lockbox / Webster Bank

T/O Windham CT – Water / CID 000305

10 Dan Road – Dock # 2

Canton, MA 02021

Want to find out how much your paid in municipal taxes last year?  Here are the instructions.

Any questions on your tax bills (i.e., What is this for? I don’t have this car anymore! Where is my exemption?) can be directed to the Assessor’s Office in your town.

Windham Assessor’s phone number: 860-465-3026 and email

Chaplin Assessor’s phone number: 860-465-3024 and email

Hampton Assessor’s phone number: 860-455-9132 ext 5 and email

Scotland Assessor’s phone number: 860-423-9634 ext 4 and email

Windham Water Works phone number: 860-465-3086 ext 0

Windham Building Dept for Landlord Rental Fees: 860-465-3039

The tax information is public information. It is possible that in spite of your best efforts to search, and in spite of our best efforts to provide the information, you may not locate all of the bills you are looking for. If you cannot find what you are looking for by searching one way, we suggest searching by another (example name versus address). If you still are having issues, feel free to contact one of our Revenue Department employees. If you are seeking detailed payment history, there is no substitute for the receipt you were issued at the time you made your payment. If transfer of property has taken place, contact your closing attorney with any questions regarding your tax payments.

The Revenue Office does accept partial payments. The law does not allow us to enter into signed payment plan agreements, but our office will work with you if you want to determine what you need to pay monthly to be current by the end of the fiscal year. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Windham refers to their Tax Collector as the Collector of Revenue since the office is responsible for the billing and collection of water/sewer charges, parking tickets, landlord rental fees, all town department deposits, as well as municipal taxes. Our office also collects and manages tax collections for the Town of Chaplin, Hampton and Scotland and at the Windham Revenue Department in Willimantic CT.  

DMV Holds

Please note, the Town/Municipality you pay car taxes to is separate from Department of Motor Vehicles of Connecticut.  An online payment does not automatically release a DMV hold at the time of the payment.  All online payments are posted the next business day, and then the releases are sent nightly on normal business days to the DMV.  Therefore, all payments made Thursday through Monday (unless there is a Holiday), will be released Monday overnight (around midnight) at DMV.  All other online delinquent payments will be released around midnight at DMV the following day of your payment. 

Delinquent Taxes

The Revenue Collector's office has a very aggressive delinquent tax program. The staff is trained and willing to work with you. In Windham, we will be conducting real estate tax sales in accordance with Section 12-157. In addition, local ordinance prohibits the issuance of building permits on properties. Connecticut State law also allows for the withholding and/or revocation of various health permits if municipal taxes are delinquent for more than one year.

Mobile Home Information

Any person owning a mobile manufactured home should have filed with the town clerk a certificate of title, bill of sale or other document evidencing the person's ownership of the mobile manufactured home. Any document transferring title to a mobile manufactured home must be filed with the town clerk’s office. Any owner of a mobile manufactured home who desires to remove such home from a park or land on which it has been situated must file for recording with the town clerk a removal statement.

Parking Tickets

All parking tickets are due within 14 days or the fine doubles. THE CLOCK STARTS (14 DAYS) FROM THE DATE ON THE TICKET. Multiple tickets may affect license or motor vehicle registration.  You may file an appeal at the Willimantic Police Department.

When were Tax Bills be sent?

Tax Bills for Windham & Chaplin were mailed June 18, 2023, for the 2022 Grand List.  Scotland’s tax bills were mailed June 30, 2023.  The due date for these bills is July 1, 2023 and January 1, 2024.

Tax bills for Hampton were mailed July 3, 2023 with a due date of August 1, 2023 and January 1, 2024.

Interest will still be charged after the 30 day grace period mandated by the State of 1.5% per month, or 18% per year from the due date.  This means, on August 2nd, if you have not paid your first installment of the 2022 Grand List bill for Windham, you will be charged 3% interest (2 months due).  Please note interest cannot be waived or adjusted.

What if I Receive a Tax Bill for a Motor Vehicle I No Longer Own?

The motor vehicle bill you receive in June 2023 is based upon registration of that vehicle effective October 1, 2022.  With the proper proof, your motor vehicle bill may be deleted if the motor vehicle was disposed of prior to October 1, 2022 or pro-rated if disposed of between October 2, 2022 and September 30, 2023.  “Disposed of” includes sold, destroyed or registered out of state and not replaced with another vehicle using the same license plate.  The only time that the DMV notifies us of a change in the status of your motor vehicle is when you transfer a plate from one vehicle to another. In all other cases, you must bring documentation into the Assessor’s Office, in order to adjust your bill.  In accordance with §12-71c(b), application for credit must be made by the December 31st two (2) years after the assessment date in which the credit situation occurred.

If you have any questions regarding the required proof, please contact the Assessor’s Office of your town.

Why did I receive a Collection Agency (TaxServ) letter?

If you had an older delinquent account, or our office could not find you, your account was sent to the Collection Agency.  They now have your account.  All questions are to be addressed directly to them at 860-724-9100 or 866-497-2427.  Their office is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern time, Monday through Friday. You may also visit their website

What are Motor Vehicle Supplemental Bills? – mailed every December

These bills were generated and due January 1, 2023 because you received a new motor vehicle registration, or have transferred an existing registration, at some time after October 1, 2021, but before September 30, 2022. You are being billed only for the number of months from your new vehicle registration date until the end of the assessment year.

Why did I receive a Tax Collector’s Demand Notice?

If you have any outstanding tax bills, you received a Demand Notice (unless your account is already with the Tax Sale Attorney, Collection Agency or State Marshal) in the fall.  This notice is per State Statute 12-155 so further collection efforts may be made.

So what does this mean?

You had until the Demand Due Date listed on your Demand to pay your delinquent taxes.  If you fail to pay by the due date, the Tax Collector MAY (included, but not limited to):

1.    Serve an Alias Tax Warrant through a Marshal

2.    Send to a Collection Agency that records the delinquency to the Credit Agencies

3.    Levy your taxable goods or chattels

4.    Enforce by levy and sell their real estate through either a Tax Sale or Third Party

5.    Garnish Wages

6.    Bank execution – take the money from your bank account

The Demand Notice is the legal document required to sent by the Town if we wish to pursue alternative means of collecting tax.

What is a Demand Notice?

Per State Statute 12-155. Demand and levy for the collection of taxes (a) If any person fails to pay any tax within thirty days after the due date, the collector or the collector’s duly appointed agent shall make personal demand of such person therefor or leave written demand at such person’s usual place of abode or addressed to such person at such person’s last-known place of residence. If such person is a corporation, limited partnership or other legal entity, such written demand may be sent to any person upon whom process may be served to initiate a civil action against such corporation, limited partnership or entity.

(b) After demand has been made in the manner provided in subsection (a) of this section, the collector for the municipality, alone or jointly with the collector of any other municipality owed taxes by such person, may (1) levy for any unpaid tax or any unpaid water or sanitation charges on any goods and chattels of such person and post and sell such goods and chattels in the manner provided in case of executions, or (2) enforce by levy and sale any lien upon real estate for any unpaid tax or levy upon and sell such interest of such person in any real estate as exists at the date of the levy for such tax.  A lien is a charge upon real or personal property for the satisfaction of debt.  Tax liens are superior to mortgage liens, and are independent of demand for.  Liens remain in effect until all taxes, interest and fees are paid in full.  Liens are subject to foreclosure, tax sale and sale/assignments to a third party for collection.

What is the Criteria for a Tax Sale or Lien Assignment?

    For a residential property, if you owe more than $5,000 delinquent, or are more than two Grand List years in arrears.

    If the property has previously been in a Tax Sale, and becomes more than 1 Grand List year delinquent.

    If the property is abandoned or has no residential dwelling, and becomes more than 1 Grand List year delinquent).

    If the property is commercial, and becomes more than 1 Grand List year delinquent.

    If the property is a mobile home, and becomes more than 1 Grand List year delinquent.

Letters identifying those accounts for Tax Sale were mailed in September 2023.

My accounts went to the Tax Sale Attorney.  Now what?

All questions and pay off quotes need to be addressed directly to Attorney Adam Cohen at 203-330-2230.  The Tax Office cannot answer any questions about accounts in the Tax Sale process.  Information on CT Tax Sales can be found at 

Mill Rates

Windham & First Taxing District Real Estate & Personal Property 38.81 Mills
Windham & Willimantic Real Estate & Personal Property47.40 Mills
Windham, Chaplin & Scotland Motor Vehicles32.46 Mills
Chaplin Real Estate & Personal Property35.50 Mills
Hampton All Tax Types24.24 Mills
Scotland Real Estate & Personal Property 40.00 Mills